Recommended Reading For Improvisers – Got Your Back Podcast

recommended readingListen to this episode for a detailed breakdown of why each of these books made our list of recommended reading for improvisers.

Also, we discuss the local Austin improv warm-up “books”, and what makes its great.

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Bill Stern Interview – Got Your Back Podcast

Bill SternBill Stern is an improviser currently living and performing in Chicago, whose comedy roots are based in Austin.

In this interview with the charismatic Stern we covered a vast number of topics from Bill’s history to the harold. Bill has us do an exercise on air that blew our minds out of our butts.

Then to end this episode we attempt to play a guessing game where Bill has to pick out a fake band name from a list of other real band names…but it doesn’t exactly go as planned.

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Nathan Sowell Interview – Got Your Back

Nathan siteCheck out this interview of Nathan Sowell on Got Your Back podcast.

Nathan is a member of a number of groups including Nice Astronaut, Skutch, Fantastic Buddies and he is currently directing the upcoming My Step-Dad is a Genie.

In this interview with Nathan we discussed his keen ability to make moves during a show that really help to give the show shape and keep things flowing. We also talked about Nathan’s tendencies as a viciously supportive player, and the simple power of supporting your fellow improvisers.

To end this episode we played the official comedy board game of the nationally franchised comedy club, “the improv“. It was a weird look into the past…

Commercial in this episode by Wink Planet.

Reminder that our intro song is “It’s Cool” by Joey Kendall. Who is also this week’s featured artist, with his song “the closest things

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How To Get Stage Time In Austin

Stage time

Got Your Back podcast has put together a comprehensive guide to teach people who are new to improv or new to Austin how the groups and shows you see on stage come together, as well as how they acquire that stage time at the various theaters in Austin.

Though the details are specific to Austin the general concepts discussed in this episode apply to many other cities as well.

Check out the full post on their website for all of the links and details on how to start performing in Austin.

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Kareem Badr Interview – Got Your Back Podcast Episode


On this episode of Got Your Back we were joined by Kareem Badr.

Kareem is a co-owner of the Hideout Theater in Austin, TX where he also teaches and performs regularly in a number of shows including the Big Bash on Friday evenings as well as with his long running and world touring group of 9 years, Parallelogramophonograph.

Kareem was kind enough to stop by the studio and spend some time talking with KC and myself about a number of topics ranging from the nitty gritty of his approach to narrative improv to the parallels between improv and the way of the samurai.

Process vs. Product

Also in this episode we continue our conversation from the previous episode regarding process vs. product in improv. Again, Kareem had a tremendous amount of thoughtful insight to offer on the subject, and ultimately left me questioning where the boundaries of each are.

In the final part of this episode we do our best to help out the community at large and “let go” of some characters we feel may be showing up too frequently in recent improv scenes.

Kareem can be seen performing weekly with his group P-graph on Fridays at 10pm at The Hideout Theatre.

Featured song in this episode Joshua Tree by local artist and recent ColdTowne graduate, Leah Nobel. Visit her website and follow her on facebook.

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