Tonight in Austin Improv: Tuesday, September 5

8:30 – We Run This (storytelling) – $5
10:00 – Student mixer and jam – $Free
8:00 – Playpen (stand-up) – $Pay what you want
9:30 – Sandbox with Rob Gagnon (variety) – $Pay what you want
FACT OF THE DAY: During the late 1960s, a growing number of airline hijackings occurred with the hijacker simply wanting the plane to take them to Cuba—twelve in 1968 alone. To ensure that pilots could comply with the demand, every pilot had a map to the Caribbean in the cockpit.

Kevin’s been making stuff up for 40 years, 17 of them as a part of the Austin improv community. He teaches at Merlin Works. He runs the AIC Facebook group and nightly theater listings.

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