Tonight in Austin Improv: Saturday, May 12

10:00am – What’s the Story, Steve? – $Pay what you want
7:00 – The Procter & Gamble, Kelly Ryan, Johnson & Johnson Diamond Fundraising Jubilee – $10
8:30 – What Had Happened Was – $10
10:00 – Midnight Society presents Cult Comedy – $8
11:00 – ASF presents Spoiler Alert, feat. Martini Ranch, Pendulum, and Just Some Girls Having Fun (sketch) – $5
8:00 – Part Two: Unnecessary Sequels – $10
9:30 – The Megaphone Show – $10
6:00 – Maestro RAW – $7
8:00 – Sexy Future Space Lady – $15
10:00 – Maestro – $15
8:00 – ComedySportz – $8
FACT OF THE DAY: On September 2, 1853, the largest solar storm in recorded history caused aurora to be seen as far south as the Caribbean. In the Rocky Mountains, they were so bright that gold miners woke up and began making breakfast, thinking that the sun had risen. The ambient electricity in the air caused shocks to telegraph operators, set telegraph paper afire, and in some locations allowed telegraphs to be sent even with the batteries disconnected. The Department of Homeland Security estimates that, were a similar event to occur today, damage to the US alone would measure up to $2 trillion, including irreparable damage to every satellite in orbit.

Kevin’s been making stuff up for 40 years, 17 of them as a part of the Austin improv community. He teaches at Merlin Works. He runs the AIC Facebook group and nightly theater listings.

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