Tonight in Austin Improv: Wednesday, May 9

8:30 – ColdTowne ThrowDowne – $5
10:00 – Sugar, Water, Purple presents Can We Kick It?, feat. Bad Boys – $5
8:00 – Garage – $Pay what you want
9:30 – Good Fight – $Pay what you want
7:00 – Weekly Improv Jam – $Free
FACT OF THE DAY: Part of the reason office buildings are so cold today is because their HVAC systems were designed to counteract the large amounts of heat produced by older computers and CRT monitors. Gender bias may also be a factor, since on average, men are comfortable at a lower temperature than women.

Kevin’s been making stuff up for 40 years, 17 of them as a part of the Austin improv community. He teaches at Merlin Works. He runs the AIC Facebook group and nightly theater listings.

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