Maestro Casting

IF you are interested in playing in the weekly Maestro or Maestro RAW show. See the feed below and find the latest casting post and google form. The Form is always here. You can see if you are cast below as well.

Maestro is every Saturday at 10pm. Call time is 9:20pm.
Maestro RAW is on Saturdays on months that don’t have student mainstage shows at 6pm. (Call time 5:20pm.)

If you’re running tech, here’s a great tutorial!

Current Policies:

Call-time for Maestro is 9:20. I will try to cast a limited amount of people from the current mainstage. I’ll also make sure there is always one director who can show up promptly and run warm-ups.

If you tech, you get to play the following week. However, it is up to you to make sure you are available to play the following week.

If you drop out of Maestro after it has been cast, there is a one month ban.

Warm-Ups will be organized and led by a director or a pre-assigned member of the Maestro cast. Again, warm-ups begin at 9:30pm.

Staying for notes is required. Maestro will get out between 11:45-11:50. Notes will not last longer than 10 minutes.

If you ever miss a signup post, you can always submit at or

Have a good time, party people!

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