Theft Forum Podcast Ep. 54 – US National Improv Team

The US National Improv Team (USNIT) is a group of seven UCB-trained improvisers who play with “aggressive faith.” After practicing and performing together consistently for over a year, they feel supported enough by one other to leap before they look and always love where they land. A UCB East Indie Cagematch three-time champion, USNIT recently made their first ever UCB Cagematch appearance. They have also competed in long-form Improv shows at the UCB, Beast, PIT, Under Saint Mark’s, Creek, and perform weekly at the Queen’s Secret Improv Theatre. They would probably still do improv even if it weren’t a competition. More info about their upcoming improv or dating events, respectively, at or

Scott Hearne interviews the US National Improv Team at The 2014 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival below.

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