Theft Forum Podcast Ep. 55 – Deano Jones

Deano Jones is a musician, actor, author and graphic designer. He’s also a member of several Austin improv groups: The Knuckleball Now, The Intentions, and Simply D-Vine.

Originally from NYC, he was the singer/songwriter of the band Clowns for Progress, a greaser punk pop band who wore full clown makeup and vintage tuxedos. The Clowns recorded several CDs and toured extensively from 1995-2000. After moving to Austin, TX in 2005, he began working as a solo artist and has released two CDs, Go It Alone (2010) and Road to San Antone (2011), both available on iTunes. In Austin, he also became immersed in the improv scene and has performed in several main stage productions, including Holy 1960s Batman, Batman! (as Batman).

Wanting to write a musical involving motorcycles and greasers, he decided at the last minute to make the story of the world’s first Vampire-Motorcycle-Rock Musical Book – Rise of the Cafe Racer. The novel includes a hand drawn map, 84 illustrations and a complete 12-song original soundtrack.

Scott Hearne interviews Deano Jones below.

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