Theft Forum Podcast Ep. 62 – It’s Saturday Night!

Scott Hearne interviews Frank Netscher (Director) and Cene Hale (Performer/Writer) from “It’s Saturday Night!”.

“It’s Saturday Night!” is performed at 8:30 PM every Saturday night in September at Coldtowne Theater. “It’s Saturday Night” pays homage to the classic TV show Saturday Night Live. Inspired by shows like “30 Rock”, “The Larry Sanders Show”, and “The Muppet Show”, the Not Ready for Any Time Players will combine sketch and improv into live comedy performance unlike anything else in Austin.

Drawing from over 30 years of comedy history, cultural icons, and social commentary, the cast of “It’s Saturday Night!” will perform new sketches each week, as as give the audience a peek at the improvised behind-the-scenes antics of the cast and crew as they struggle to put together live TV. Who knows what could happen?!?!?!

The Not Ready for Any Time Players are Emma Holder, Bryan “Lubu” Roberts, Jared Robertson, Lacy Cox, Adrienne Dawes, Rachel Austin, Chris Sebilia, Katie Ellin, Cene Hale, Justin Dehn, Ian Townsend, and Eli Eidson.

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