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3 Speeches About Improv – Got Your Back

Got Your Back podcast recently put on a live show where 3 of the great minds from the Austin improv community came to speak at length on topics of their choosing. This first show featured the following speeches: – “You Suck Forever: Thoughts on Improv Nihilism” by Bryan Lubu Roberts – “Finding, Feeding, and Chasing…

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Audition Advice For Improvisers – Got Your Back

Got Your Back podcast has compiled a list of advice, tips, and best practices when auditioning for improv shows to go along with their recent post on how to get stage time in Austin. In the episode they are joined by local directors Valerie Ward and Lance Gilstrap who help break down a list of…

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Kareem Badr Interview – Got Your Back Podcast Episode

On this episode of Got Your Back we were joined by Kareem Badr. Kareem is a co-owner of the Hideout Theater in Austin, TX where he also teaches and performs regularly in a number of shows including the Big Bash on Friday evenings as well as with his long running and world touring group of…

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