Tonight in Austin Improv: Monday, February 4

8:30 – Monday Night Mash, feat. Lemon, Collection Agency, and Hunnicut – $Free
10:00 – Stage Dive with Amber Bixby – $Free
8:00 – Fuck This Week – $Pay what you want
9:30 – Basement Brawl – $Pay what you want
FACT OF THE DAY: Troy Haupt, a 48-year-old nurse anesthetist in Manteo NC, owns the only televised recording of Super Bowl I. His father Martin recorded the Green Bay Packers’ 35-10 win over the Kansas City Chiefs onto two Quadruplex tape reels on January 15, 1967. Today, the NFL refuses to let Haupt release or sell the tapes, and also refuses to buy them, which means no one besides Haupt is able to see the recording.

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