Tonight in Austin Improv: Monday, May 18
8:00 – Victrola!
8:00 – Fuck This Week
9:00 – BB Storytime
FACT OF THE DAY: ´┐╝Mount Saint Helens erupted 40 years ago today, producing the largest landslide in recorded history that moved off the mountain at 150 miles per hour and buried the surrounding area an average of 150 feet deep. One of its 57 victims was photographer Robert Landsburg, who was taking pictures of the eruption as it happened. Knowing he was beyond help, Landsburg took 17 shots of the approaching landslide and then rewound the film, stored it in his backpack, and laid on top of it as the landslide took him. His body was found 17 days later, and his photographs were successfully developed and published in National Geographic.

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