Tonight in Austin Improv: Wednesday, January 1

8:30 – Sugar Water Purple presents Can We Kick It?, feat. Kenny/Rogers and Cooler Heads – $8
10:00 – ColdTowne ThrowDowne – $6
8:00 – Garage – $5
9:30 – Good Fight – $5
FACT OF THE DAY: The fastest object ever launched was probably a two-ton manhole cover which sat atop a nuclear testing shaft in Los Alamos, NM. When a one-kiloton atomic bomb was exploded at the bottom of the shaft in 1957, the manhole cover was launched upwards at a minimum of 66 kilometers per second (almost 150,000 miles per hour). This was more than enough to eject the manhole cover from the solar system, although it was probably vaporized by impact with the air.

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