Tonight in Austin Improv: Wednesday, November 27

8:30 – Sugar Water Purple presents Can We Kick It?, feat. Knife Club and L. LaRonde Hubbard – $8
10:00 – ColdTowne ThrowDowne – $6
7:00 – Weekly improv jam – $Free
FACT OF THE DAY: When Clarence Saunders, founder of Piggly Wiggly, attempted to found a second chain of grocery stores, Piggly Wiggly sued him for the use of his name. Saunders prevailed in court and established the “Clarence Saunders, Sole Owner of My Name Stores, Inc.” grocery chain, which was popular until the Great Depression. Saunders also founded a professional football team called the Clarence Saunders, Sole Owner of My Name Tigers, which defeated the Green Bay Packers in 1929.

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