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  • Audition for "Dance Dreams" on Saturday, July 22nd. July 14, 2017
    The Hideout Mainstage for November and December 2017 is Dance Dreams, directed by Rachel Austin and Valerie Ward. Sign up to audition here: ** Inspired by media like Center Stage, Dance Academy and Mozart in the Jungle, Dance Dreams looks
  • Audition for "Death by Musical" this Sunday June 26, 2017
    Sign up now to audition for the September/October Hideout mainstage "Death by Musical" (directed by Margaret Hunsicker, musical direction by Ryan Fechter). The form is here: Sign up now to audition for the September/October Hideout mainstage Death by Musical,
  • Audition for The Kindness of Strangers this Saturday or Sunday May 9, 2017
    Sign up now to audition for the July/August Hideout mainstage The Kindness of Strangers (directed by Rob Yoho, co-directed by Kaci Beeler). The form is here: ** The auditions will be Saturday May 13th from 2-6pm, and Sunday, May 14th from
  • You have a few hours to signup to audition this Sunday for the Hideout's May/June Mainstage February 9, 2017
    *Sorry for the delay on this! But auditions for the Hideout's next big show are this Sunday, and signups close at midnight tonight!* *Signup here:* * * Sign up now to audition for the May/June Hideout mainstage How I Saved the World Over
  • Maestro Casting Now Available to Non-Facebookers October 10, 2016
    Hey everyone, We've created a feed on the website for anyone wanting to play the Weekly Maestro shows at The Hideout Theatre. More information:

Tonight in Austin Improv: Thursday, July 20

8:30 – Migas, Hidden Truths, and The Frank Mills – $5
10:00 – Pendulum Presents (sketch) – $5
8:00 – The Threefer, feat. AJAR, Unlimited Breadsticks, and Echo Lake – $5
10:00 – The Free Fringe, feat. Arjet Universe – $Free
~ Megaphone Marathons 8 ~
8:00 – Baby Bob Saget and Honeypot – $7
9:30 – The Panel Show and Voice Over Rated (variety) – $5
FACT OF THE DAY: Nobody knew what the far side of the moon looked like until 1960, when the Soviet Luna 3 probe photographed it. Globes of the moon from 1960 and earlier had a blank far side.