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  • Hardish Bodies at The Institution Theater, Auditions this Sunday! November 25, 2015
    Hardish Bodies, directed by Mike Carreon and Jayme Ramsay MEN - Do you break into a sensual dance while doing everyday activities? Do ladies throw dollar bills in the air while in your presence? Have you lathered up your friends with oil…just because? THEN WE HAVE A SHOW FOR YOU!!! LADIES -
  • Savage Swords, the Jan/Feb Hideout Mainstage, is having auditions this Sunday November 3, 2015
    Sign up now to audition for the January/February Hideout mainstage SAVAGE SWORDS! (Directed by Marc Majcher, assistant directed by Ryan Hill.) The audition will be Sunday, November 8th, from 4-7pm. Shows will be Saturdays at 8pm in January and February with possible
  • Tall Tales of the High Seas Audition on November 21st October 22, 2015 This is the audition sign-up for Tall Tales of the High Seas, an improvised show about pirate adventures. It will feature two pirate captains squaring off in a story-telling duel. There will be
  • Auditions for Control Issues! September 30, 2015
    Executive Summary: On October 11th from 7pm to 10pm, the Hideout is holding auditions for Control Issues, their monthly choose-your-own-adventure show. To apply for an audition slot, submit the form at <
  • Hideout Maestro 10pm 10/3! September 28, 2015
    Hello everyone! 10pm Maestro - 10/3/2015 Maestro is the Hideout's Saturday 10pm! It features games and scenes and nail-biting eliminations! Directors: Jessica Arjet and Tyler Lane! Music: TBD! Sign up via the Google Form below with your NAME, your EXPERIENCE LEVEL, and your FAVORITE WARMUP.

Tonight in Austin Improv: Wednesday, November 25

8:30 – Body Issues and Loverboy – $5
10:00 – CageMatch – $5
7:00 – Hideout Improv Jam – $Free
8:00 – Opposites – $5
9:30 – Good Fight – $Free
FACT OF THE DAY: At one point in “Alice in Wonderland,” Alice reaches some odd results when attempting to perform multiplication: four times five equals 12, four times six is 13, and four times seven is 14. However in a base-18 numbering system, these calculations are correct. (Sub-fact: Lewis Carroll, actual name Charles Dodgson, was an Oxford University mathematician.)